Multiple caves as a stone size 2

Multiple caves as a stone size 2
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from 11,45 EUR
Addition caves
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Here you can assemble yourself your multiple cave in rock form itself!!
With caves (unilaterally closed) size 2 middle interior diameter very small ca. 2,7 cm and ca.10 cm long. (for small L- catfishes, e.g. L46, L174 and small peckoltia-types). For animals longer than 8 cm you need size 3!
Above you see the basic price for a stone with two caves.
Measure: BxTxH ca. 9x11x7cm.(Die width changes with each cultivated cave around ca. 3cm)
it maximally 3 caves can be cultivated in addition!
It concerns respectively divided and unilaterally closed caves!
Each further cave cultivated costs 3.80 EURO.
The form and the size is very different! They can the cave entrances mutually (ahead and behind) or only on a side arrange.
In the colors: brown, black brown blackly  Canyon and marbles.
Up price color blackly: 0.80 Euro Canyon and marbles 1.20 Euro Please
select below after wish: Quantity of the addition caves, arrangement and color from!
The images above are only examples!
This article is special preparation and of the exchange excluded!
The delivery time amounts to ca 21 days after money entrance. (The article becomes immediately after payment entrance produced)

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