Terrace stone with hole size 2 brown

Terrace stone with hole size 2 brown
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Terrace stone with hole size 1 brown.
Terrace stone size: B x H x T ca. 11 x 8 x 9.5 cm.
Hole size 2 for Caves size of 2 middle interior diameters ca. 2.7 cm, length ca 10 cm (for small L-Welse z.B.L46, L174 and small Peckoltia-types). For animals from 8 cm select lengths size 3! without cave and without cover.
For incorporating into the aquarium you require another cave size 2!
If the cave here take out cash be should require you a cave size 2 and a cover!
In this article, the delivery time amounts to ca. 21 Days

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